With Robin you save with every purchase.
Fast, practical and best possible market overview.
  • Robin Mobile
    Robin as a Chatbot is available on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

    Shop on Amazon and share the link of your product page with the "Robin" chatbot. Robin looks for the best sellers and prices for you and sends you the results directly to your chat.
  • Robin Desktop
    Safari and Chrome browser extensions

    Robin enables you to easily compare prices right on your shopping site. Our AI - controlled meta search engine "Robin" is constantly looking for the best alternatives without additional clicks.
Facebook Messenger Chatbot
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Click on the link to FB Messenger chat with Robin: Link and write "Hi Robin". Share the link of your Amazon product page with Robin while shopping.
Robin looks for the best sellers and prices for you and sends you the results directly to your chat.

Safari and Chrome browser extensions
Click on the link appropriate for your browser.
We use the official Google Chrome Web Store and Apple App Store. Install the extension.

Now you are ready to save your money while shopping on Amazon!

Start with online shopping on Amazon. Open the product page of your choice.

Robin looks for the best sellers and prices for you
and shows you results in a pop-up window in the top right corner of your screen. Compare the results.

If we managed to find an attractive alternative for you, just click on it and you will go directly to the seller.

Alex is 32. He lives alone in a rented apartment in Austin and works there as creative director in an agency. He uses the Robin FB Messenger chatbot and has been able to save $ 600 per year.
Creative Director

saves with Robin approx. 600$ per year!
Samuel, 24, studies archeology in Columbia. Robin Chatbot is easy to use and it works as a shopping assistant. For him, comparing prices makes a big difference even for smaller amounts.

saves already at the first use!
Sarah's day is quite exhausting, as there is little time for time-consuming price comparison. Robin is totally free and helps immensely to save.
Sometimes she would like to have better results, but with Robin she knows at least that the price is OK.
Branch manager and mother

saves at least 25 per month!
Stephanie is very cautious about Covid-19 and is now shopping a lot more online for the whole family. She says we don't have to buy everything from the same seller. It is a good idea to give a chance to smaller sellers.
shops oftener online for her family
saves with Robin 60€ per month!
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