Founders' Letter

Dear Readers,

First of all, we would like to inform you that we consider Amazon to be one of the most brilliant companies of our era. We have been Amazon Prime customers ourselves for many years. We love the sensationally good service and the incredibly wide range of offers. We are sure that Amazon still has the best strategy and the most marvelous employees in online business. They are so good that now only states are trying to find ways and means to curb their success in terms of a more compatible competitive structure.

We would also like to personally thank Amazon for thousands of products we have bought so far and hundreds of products that we have returned and/ or refunded, for the fantastic example that they have been showing to the digital world for decades.

But maybe now is the time for something new, for a new world. A world where every competitor, no matter how small they are, has the chance to become visible. A fairer world that creates healthy competition and simply shows customers the best alternatives to Amazon. This is Robin's world.

Best regards,

Peter & Andrey

Last updated August 11, 2020
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