Robin’s FAQs
What is Robin?
Robin is the name of our shopping helper on mobile and desktop devices. Robin is an online assistant, consisting of various software components, which is aimed at simplifying the price-seller comparison as much as possible for online buyers. For the sake of simplicity, you can save Robin as “Robin” (first name) and “Shoppingbot” or “Hood” in your contacts with our telephone number. Then you can easily share your Amazon product pages with Robin, i.e. send him the link.

Who is Robin?
Robin is based on Robin Hood. If you don't know the legend of Robin Hood, you can check out the following link: . With our Robin, buyers can defend themselves against “individual pricing strategies” and at the same time we give smaller sellers a chance to get their foot in the competition door.

Who are Robin’s founders?
Robin was founded by Peter Fries and Andrey Löwen in late 2020.

What problem do you solve with Robin?
We think that while shopping online most customers come up against two major problems: 1) if the price they see on Amazon is reasonable and if it is not, 2) where to find the same product cheaper.

We believe that bearing in mind the answers to these questions makes online shopping transparent, allows to save money and supports smaller retailers, thus promoting fair trade.

Do you sell any goods?
We do not sell anything, we are a shopping assistant. We do not intend to sell the data that comes to us through shopping with our “Robins”.

How do you guarantee the reliability of the retailers you suggest?
The outcomes are based on the results of search engines and price comparison sites selected by us. But the final decision where to buy rests with you as we are currently unable to provide a qualitative assessment of the companies that appear on our results pages.

How do you earn money?
Until further notice we will only offer our price comparison services. When Robin is used by a greater number of people at some point, we will come up with a more sophisticated and responsive version of Robin. One thing is certain: we will not sell or pass on your data.

Where is Robin’s home?
Robin’s home is in Berlin and Eltville.

Data protection / legal:
What data do we collect?
We save phone numbers and respective chats. We do not know the people behind the phone numbers and we do not collect any data. The same applies to the desktop version: we only save what we receive as inquiries. We don't save names, we don't know the identities behind the requests. Robin can only read certain shopping pages and their product pages that are visited by our users. This currently applies exclusively to amazon. We are working hard to expand and diversify this list over time.

What guidelines apply to your data?
We are a German company and strictly adhere to the regulations of the GDPR.

Is Robin legal?
Good question. Some large providers may not like Robin, although Robin ultimately offers advantages to everyone. Soon, we will find it out for sure.

Which shopping sites can Robin process?
Robin presently works with amazon product pages

Which browsers does Robin work on?
Robin works on Google Chrome and Safari desktop browsers.

Which messengers does Robin work on?
Robin currently has two mobile versions: Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

In which countries can you find Robin?
Robin is currently present in Germany, the USA, UK, India and France.

Search results:
How does Robin generate his results?
We use various search engines and price comparison sites. How exactly we generate our results is our trade secret. We work hard to keep improving our results and provide our users with optimal services.

How do you organize your results/ your rankings?
By default we sort the results out according to their relevance. Both our mobile chatbots and browser extensions offer the possibility to sort the results out according to the best price.

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